You’ve heard many things of turtles before but let me assure you that this is nothing like it. This is a story even more astounding than the robot turtle. Here is goes...

Once upon a time there was a little turtle, names Turtle, who lived in a hat. This hat hung on a nail which hung on a wall which hung on a house which hung on the ground which hung on the earth which hung on the universe and so on. While you may think this residence seems dismal, you are quite mistaken! For this was no ordinary hat. It’s fabric always had at least one strand of string for each possible color, and the patterns would shift depending on the hat’s mood. No, the hat was not alive in the same way that you or I or Turtle are, but rather in the way that the common tree or rock is alive - a quiet, peaceful, observant existence in the grand scheme of things. While the hat, which was the shape of a lady’s sunhat, looked normal-sized on the outside, it was cavernous within! Turtle had space for a bed, and a heat rock, and a water fountain, and a bath, and a playground of rocks and anything he could dream of.

Turtle liked to venture out into the gardens around the house to stare into the sea of sky, to play with his friends, or even just to frolic freely in the sun. Sometimes if it was a lucky day, his friend Robin would surprise him with his favorite treat - a raspberry!

So one day Turtle went out of his magical hat home to play in the new sunshine of spring. He felt the fresh grass between his little claws, and raked the clean earth back with a smile one his face. You see, it had been a particularly brutal winter and Turtle missed the sun dearly.


He was joyous! Gleeful, in fact! Oh how good it felt to be out among the fresh air! Turtle decided he would do all of his favorite things that day, so he skateboarded, sang songs, hid in the leaves like a ninja, gazed at the clouds and wondered what life was like atop those great puffy magic lands, and dug many little holes to sit it! What. A. Day!


By the time Turtle got back inside his home, he was utterly exhausted and happy beyond belief. He didn’t quite want to go to sleep yet though, because he had a surprise for his best friend, Girl. She would be home from school, lunchbox swinging in hand to the tune she’d be humming, any minute now! And he was sure she’d be delighted by the gift he’d been so excited to give her - a balloon! And when Girl finally did arrive, Turtle was trying hard not to nod off. He heard the jingle of the bells on the door and his eyes flew open! He scurried over to the door and felt his heart leap when she exclaimed, “A balloon! Oh turtle, you’re the best!” And Girl picked Turtle up and spun around with a cheer, and Turtle smiled his little Turtle smile at her laughter.


When all the balloon excitement was done, Turtle climbed back into his hat home and onto his heat rock. He fell into a deep, peaceful slumber where his mind was aflutter with all of the wondrous things he did that day. Soon he was dreaming he was a great big sea turtle singing the secret songs of the ocean. All was well in Turtle’s home, and now that summertime was here, he was sure each day would hold the same magic as this one.